Pet-Care OLAOLAB Launches Dedicated Pet Cleaning Line

OLAOLAB announced on the 27th that they have released a more effective and safe area-specific cleaning line based on consumer needs for pet eye and ear cleaning, as reflected through on-site interviews and research.

The newly introduced cleaning line products are composed of "PAWLINK for Face," which is effective for cleaning the sensitive area around a pet's eyes, addressing issues like discoloration, inflammation, and itching, as well as "PAWLINK for Ear," suitable for thorough ear cleaning in pets with special ear structures.

As the amount of time spent in shared indoor spaces with pets increases, pet hygiene management becomes crucial for the well-being of both pets and owners. Mismanagement can lead to various issues in pets, such as dry skin, scales, and skin conditions, making careful attention and proper care essential.

OLAOLAB's developed products utilize natural ingredients like Jeju volcanic seawater and incorporate over eight types of special herbal extracts suitable for pets with sensitive and delicate skin, akin to that of babies.

Furthermore, OLAOLAB not only sells products but also offers pet owners correct cleaning techniques and personalized pet care services through their website.

CEO Lim Ji-hee of OLAOLAB stated, "In November, in conjunction with moving to the Jeju International Free City Development Center (JDC) Advanced Science and Technology Complex, we will build manufacturing facilities and directly engage in the pet industry, expanding our business."

OLAOLAB's pet cleaning line, the PAWLINK IN CLEAN series, is available for purchase on their website and Naver Smart Store.