JEUS-PETERPETER-OLAOLAB-Siwa World Sign MOU for Jeju Pet Industry

A campaign is underway in Jeju to reduce the abandonment of pets after accompanying their owners and foster a social atmosphere where people and pets can live together to the end.

Jeju-based local company JEUS (CEO Kim Hansang), PeterPeter Co., Ltd. (CEO Park Junho), OLAOLAB (CEO Lim Jihee), and Siwa World Co., Ltd. (CEO Woo Youngjin) entered into an agreement on the 9th and launched the "Travel to the end with your pet" campaign.

The "Travel to the end with your pet" campaign is intended to reduce the number of pets abandoned by their owners after Jeju companion travel and to emphasize living together in line with the meaning of being a companion.

Through this agreement, the four companies have pledged to support the development of new products that combine Jeju's tourism industry with the pet industry to convey the spirit of the campaign.

JEUS conducts microalgae cultivation for research on functional pet food, while PeterPeter is working on health check kits for pets, OLAOLAB is developing pet cleaning products, and Siwa World is developing pet products using AR technology.

Based on this, JEUS will develop pet-related products and conduct donations to local pet organizations. They will also promote the campaign to pet owners planning pet companion travel.

CEO Kim Hansang stated, "Through this campaign, we hope for a change in awareness about pets and the development of the pet industry in Jeju, as well as the creation of a new growth model connected to the tourism industry."

He added, "We aim to establish a positive image of the pet industry and create an industry-academia cooperation model involving organizations, companies, and local universities in Jeju. We hope many companies and organizations in Jeju will participate and grow together."