Monthly Restaurant Map Released for Travelers with Dogs

[By Lee Sunwoo, for Edaily] Jeju Island's specialized mobile app for travel, Jeju Pass, has released a monthly restaurant map for travelers with dogs. Co-produced with pet-friendly companies PeterPet, Olaolab, this map includes information on 32 restaurants and cafes that welcome dogs in Jeju Island, along with details about 16 tourist attractions.

Travelers with dogs will also find useful information such as a list of local animal hospitals and a checklist for traveling with dogs by air. The restaurant map includes an additional perk - a 10% discount coupon for Jeju Pass's cafe pass, which offers a free basic drink every 3 hours at more than 200 popular cafes on the island.

You can access the monthly restaurant map on Jeju Pass's event page.

A representative from Jeju Pass mentioned, "The demand for traveling with pets is rapidly increasing, but related products, services, and information are still lacking. To help travelers visiting Jeju Island enjoy a comfortable and fulfilling trip with their pets, we decided to publish this monthly restaurant map."