Traveling with Pets Gets Easier on Jeju Island

Olaolab, in partnership with the Jeju Tourism Organization, has been running the "Pet-Friendly Facilities Observation" project since 2022. This project aims to provide information and convenience to pet owners visiting Jeju Island, ensuring both their health and longevity alongside their pets.

Jeju Tourism Organization's Survey of Pet-Friendly Facilities

The "Traveling with Pets Made Easy" project is the result of a survey on pet-friendly facilities in the region. The Jeju Tourism Organization has completed this survey and provided the relevant information.

The "Traveling with Pets Made Easy" project focuses on identifying pet-friendly facilities, with the aim of offering information and convenience to tourists who travel with their pets. Jeju Island and the Jeju Tourism Organization began this initiative from September to December last year, surveying facilities that allow pets. They provided information for a total of 200 establishments, including 33 tourist sites, 99 restaurants and cafes, 13 accommodations, 26 pet-exclusive facilities, and 29 natural sites such as hiking trails. This year, they plan to continue exploring additional pet-friendly facilities and ensure regular updates.

A Wealth of Information

The information provided includes details on the operating hours, location, contact information of these 200 facilities, information about whether small, medium, and large dogs are allowed, any restrictions on pets' entry, and pet etiquette within the facilities.