Premium Brand PAWLINK for Companion Animals

To directly express the naming that symbolizes connection and sympathy with companion animals,

we have made our symbol in the shape of a paw.

To stress that we are based in Jeju Island and our products are made of clean ingredients of Jeju Island,

we used the shape of Jeju Island and mint color for a natural image.

The four circles at the top of the map represent four brand values and symbolize the brand's vision expanding from Jeju to outside like sunlight.

The brand image captures our strengths with an attractive symbol shape and natural color.


Find the answer in Jeju!

Jeju is a clean island designated by UNESCO and is home to more than 9,000 species.

Creatures that have sprung up on the land created by volcanic eruptions are a part of Jeju's beautiful nature,

getting attention as a key resource for future strategic industries!

Hypoallergenic found in Jeju / Anti-aging / Relieving stress / Improving skin health

We have put natural antioxidant and useful ingredients of Jeju into cleansers and food for your companion animals.


Antioxidation - We recommend 3 STEP solutions!

"Easy, 3 step for coat care"

PAWLINK Co., Ltd. is researching and providing solutions

that help prevent aging / stress /skin disease with the companion animal "antioxidation" health care service.