We, who want to be together with
our companion animals for a long time, are called the PAWLINKER

When I was young, my dad brought a dog from a street and the dog had difficulty in breathing because of a nose injury.

A veterinarian said that it cannot be treated and the dog would not live long.

I hoped that the dog would be happy for the rest of the time,

so I made and fed special nutritious food, frequently checked the breath, and care for it with utmost sincerity.

Perhaps it knew how I felt, the sick dog from the street named “Merry” spent 9 years with us.

Because we want dogs to spend a long and healthy time with us

without getting sick and want cats to rest in a warm home without getting hurt on a street,

we started researching.


Call us the Pawlinkers!

I got a cute little gray cat that runs to me and rubs my head on my leg when I get home.

If I hug it out of emotions, it cries to let it go down!

When I lie down on the floor on a tiring day, it just sits on my bedside sofa and scratches my head with its fluffy paw.

If I try to touch the paw, it runs away again.

It is a companion that gives me great strength just by existing, and I want to spend a long time with my companion.

The link between pets and us. Please call us “Pawlinker”.


We Found the Answer in Jeju

Jeju lava seawater is naturally filtered water by volcanic bedrock and flows to the land.

It has a proportion similar to amniotic fluid, making it perfect for sensitive and fragile baby skin.

It not only contains useful minerals but also Jeju cedar leaf extract / tangerine / green tea / Opuntia Coccinellifera / sage for stress relief.

These EWG Green Grade ingredients are excellent for anti-inflammation, antioxidation, and skin barrier strengthening.

We use 100% antibiotic-free chicken breast of the Jeju Island as an ingredient for PAW in Food, to supply single protein nutrition.

Also, we use carefully selected broccoli sprouts that contain "sulforaphane", a strong antioxidant, 20-50 times more than mature broccoli.