Stray Dog Rescue Activity

Stray Dog Rescue Activity

Olaolab sponsors a congratulatory gift set for adopting a cat with KB Kookmin Bank.

KB Kookmin Bank (CEO Lee Jae-geun) announced its support for the 'Mijigeon/Mijimyo Adoption Congratulatory Gift Set' in collaboration with Jeju Special Self-Governing Province (Acting Governor Koo Man-sub).

KB Kookmin Bank is running a campaign to promote the use of 'Mijigeon/Mijimyo' as terminology that replaces 'stray animals.' 'Mijigeon/Mijimyo' signifies animals from an unknown world in terms of birth and background, who come into the embrace of their human companions to create beautiful memories together. This terminology was developed by KB Kookmin Bank as an alternative to 'stray animals.'

The adoption congratulatory gift set is available for individuals who have applied to adopt Mijigeon or Mijimyo at the Jeju Animal Protection Center. Once they register their pets on KB Star Banking and submit a verification photo, they are eligible for the set, valued at around 180,000 KRW."

If you need any more information or further assistance, please let me know.