Stray Dog Rescue Activity

Stray Dog Rescue Activity

Support for Pet Packages Benefiting Jeju's Stray Animals

On November 10th, an event dedicated to donations for stray animals took place at a café in Jocheon.

This event was hosted by Zeus Co., Ltd. (CEO Kim Hansang) and participated by Peter Peter Co., Ltd., OLAOLAB, and Shiwa World Co., Ltd., with sponsorship from the Jeju Tourism Corporation. The donated items will be given to Friendly Hands, a volunteer organization that supports stray animals in Jeju.

This package was created through the "2021 Niyong Nayong Valued Store" project in which Zeus, Peter Peter, OLAOLAB, and Shiwa World are involved. It includes each company's flagship products: a genetic testing kit, pet cleaning supplies, and a pet diary that uses AR technology.

Friendly Hands is responsible for delivering these packages to shelters in need of donations. OLAOLAB has produced pet cleaning supplies made with Jeju's volcanic water, Peter Peter has contributed pet genetic analysis kits, and Shiwa World was in charge of creating the pet diary.

The Jeju Tourism Corporation expressed its intention to actively support campaigns that aim to expand infrastructure and establish a mature culture for pet travel in Jeju, as demand for pet-friendly travel in the region has been on the rise.

Kim Hansang, the CEO of Zeus, who organized this donation event, said, "Issues related to stray animals will naturally increase as the pet industry develops. To address this, we must advance the pet industry so that stray animal issues can be categorized and solved within it." He also added, "The companies participating in this donation event are committed to ensuring ongoing support rather than one-time donations. We ask for your continued interest in Jeju's stray animal issues."